The benefit of an early morning walk

We all have different morning routines. Whether we're early risers or prefer to take a slower approach to the day, we seem to do the same sorts of things daily. Few of us ever stop to think about what it is we do in the morning, we simply just do it. Whatever it is, is there an opportunity to mix things up a bit? Could we do something different once a week? When was the last time you saw the early morning sunrise?


The summer months can be a perfect time to re-think what it is we do in that first hour.  The days can be scorching, making it impossible to take our four legged friends for a walk, so early mornings are a perfect time to do just that.  Granted, evenings can be just as beautiful, but the crisp clean air filling your lungs first thing can make you feel truly alive and energised to tackle the day ahead.


Commit now! Grab a piece of paper or a sticky note and write - This week I'm mixing it up on ....(choose your day). Pop your reminder note on the fridge. The night before your designated mix it up day, set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than normal. The important thing to note here is the latest you want your early morning walk to start is 7.30am. Ideally,  you'll be up and ready to go an hour before this at 6.30am. Decide the night before what your walking route looks like. Are you going to stay close to home and walk the neighbourhood? If so, make sure you mark out a route you normally wouldn't take. If you and pooch are hopping in the car to drive to a favourite haunt,  find an undiscovered locale for a change. The trick to mix it up day, is to plan ahead. If you have a plan, you're more likely to commit. If you're leaving it to chance, you may lose your enthusiasm! 


The Benefits - for you.

You'll feel alive!

Your lungs will be grateful for the crisp morning air!

The day starts with some gentle exercise.

You'll be hungry for a healthy breakfast.

You're bound to get a 'good morning' from a complete stranger.

You'll feel good about yourself and attack the day with renewed vigour.

And lastly you'll have quality time with your pooch.


The Benefits - for pooch.

The nose is awakened to trillions of smells that only exist in the morning!

The excitement of a cool breeze through the ears after a warm nights sleep is overwhelming.

Hungry for a healthy breakfast. 

Morning puppy play with other early pup risers - priceless!

Walked and fed all before 9am - time for a sleep!

Quality time with you.


So what are you waiting for? Mix it up day is a no-brainer!


Go Well.


 All opinions, advice and observations are my own and based on my work as a teacher, facilitator, community development manager and owner and friend to Pixie, Sulu, Woody, Max and Daphne over a lifetime.