The Border Collie

The Border Collie remains one of the most popular breeds around. Their bright, attentive gaze coupled with their desire to please makes them a delightful addition to the family. 


Border Collies are not only well known for herding but they also make great companion dogs who thrive in obedience and agility courses. 


Border Collies come in a variety of colours including brindle, black, red, gold, blue, bi-coloured, tri-coloured, merle, blue merle and sable.  Coat types include smooth, rough and double coat. They have a weight range of between 12 - 15kg, a height range of between 46 - 56cm and a life expectancy of 12-15 years.


The Collie are prone to a number of health concerns including epilepsy, hip dysplasia, deafness and flea allergies but as with every breed, breed line will be significant. 


The Border Collie tends to be sound sensitive, making them not ideal with young children. The are perfectionists and are always keen to please. They should be well socialised to ensure they don't become timid. However, their high energy levels and great stamina will keep you on your toes!



If you're looking for a high energy, high intelligence dog, then the Collie might be the dog for you. Keep in mind they are demanding of time and company. They'll chase anything and try to herd people, other pets and children so be prepared. Given the Collie coat, they need regular grooming and the double coat means regular tick checks are essential. 


Remember these dogs are highly intelligent so you'll need to keep them occupied. Not the dog for you if you live in a small space with a small backyard. 


If your lifestyle suits and you're a committed owner then the Border Collie might just be for you. Good Luck!


All opinions, advice and observations are my own and based on my work as a teacher, facilitator, community development manager and owner and friend to Pixie, Sulu, Woody, Max and Daphne over a lifetime.      





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